5 great WordPress podcasts

5 Great WordPress Podcasts

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One of the best things about learning something new is that there are so many resources available online now. The downside is also that there are so many to choose from. When learning something new like WordPress, podcasts can be a great resource. They’re often a place you can find additional information to explore further after listening. Here are 5 WordPress podcasts that are enjoyable to listen to and give great value to their listeners.

The WP Builds Podcast

The WP Builds podcast has become not only my favorite WordPress podcast but one of my favorite podcasts in general. This weekly show is hosted by two jovial Englishman: Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley. Each host is a professional WordPress developer, so as you can imagine, this show is packed full of great information.

The podcast is divided into different parts with one being a weekly WordPress news update and the other being conversations on a variety of WordPress related topics and interviews with individuals connected to the WordPress ecosystem.

Another benefit of this podcast is that it has an incredibly helpful Facebook group. Additionally, if you like finding deals on WordPress themes and plugins, courses, or more, you can go to the WP Builds Deals page and signup to receive alerts on new deals. All around, I have found as much value from the WP Builds podcast as any while on my WordPress journey.

WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast

It’s hard to make a list of top WordPress anything without including WP Elevation in some shape or form. If you’ve been working with WordPress for long there is a great chance you have heard of WP Elevation or its founder Troy Dean. WP Elevation puts out great content on a consistent basis, including its podcast. WP Elevation is probably best known for the courses and workshops that it offers. Many prominent individuals in the WordPress space have taken the WP Elevation course and are now certified WP Digital Business Consultants. Even if you have not yet taken the course you will find there are a lot of great free resources available, including their podcast. If you’re running a WordPress-based business or thinking about it, this show is a must-listen.

The Smart Web Creators Podcast

While WordPress is not the only topic on this podcast created by Davinder Singh Kainth, it is frequently a primary focus of the show. Davinder has been an active player in the WordPress ecosystem in a variety of ways and his interviews with a diverse group of individuals are certain to add something good to your WordPress journey.

The Agency Trailblazer Podcast


The Agency Trailblazer Podcast is full of gems for anyone looking to grow or restructure and grow their WordPress agency. Led by the spirited and entertaining Lee Jackson, a professional WordPress developer and agency owner, this podcast consists of in-depth interviews with professionals from a variety of fields within and connected to the WordPress ecosystem. If your agency is growing faster than you can manage, this is the podcast for you.

The Agency Highway Podcast


A podcast often leads you to discover many other individuals and tools to enhance your business. This is absolutely the case when listening to The Agency Highway Podcast. This show is provided by the founders of Content Snare, a tool designed to allow agencies to efficiently collect content from their clients. This podcast provides an interview format with many people from in and around the WordPress space and is likely to offer a little something for everyone.

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