Custom Web Design

Some projects require extra attention

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Custom Web Design

Some projects require a larger scope and/or require dynamic functionality. We can pinpoint what your website requires from a design and functionality standpoint which is presented in a comprehensive quote so you know exactly what you are getting. Types of websites include but are not limited to real estate, eCommerce, and listing sites.

This option is also good for agencies and individuals who have already designed their site but need it developed in order to complete their vision.

Starting at $2499

Custom Web Design and Development Process

1. Discovery

We learn about your business to find out exactly what your website requires and then submit a detailed brief to meet your needs.

2. Sitemap

This is an outline of what pages your website will have, what they will contain, and how they will be structured.

3. Gather Content

Once you have approved the sitemap we will start collecting and gathering content such as images and text to add to your website to add during the build process.

4. Design

We create a design for your website that suits the type of business you have and will give you a good idea of it's look and functionality.​

5. Build

After the final design has been approved we start building your website.

6. Deliver

Once the final build is completed we either hand the site off to the client or we can host the website on one of our website care plans.​

  • If you already have a design for your website, we will just focus on steps 3, 5, and 6.

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